Misconceptions About Mis-fueling

You might have heard some rumors on the effects of having your car filled with the wrong type of fuel. Some of these things may be true while some may be false. For instance, many people believe that with a wrong refuel the car gets completely damaged, which is not true. Listed below are some misconceptions about using the wrong fuel.

Only armatures put the wrong fuel in the wrong tankqadaDAsAQ

Perhaps, you might be feeling naive or consider someone to be a fool for filling your car with the wrong type of fuel. This should not be the case, as mistakes do happen and after all, this is a rare occurrence. More to this, at times fuel tanks are not well labeled, and if one is not keen, he or she may get distracted and fill your car with the wrong type of fuel.

A car gets completely damaged when fueled with the wrong type of fuel

Many people think that filling the car with the wrong type of fuel will translate to car damage. Apparently, this is not the case. Once you notice that your vehicle has been filled with the wrong type of fuel, draining the tank can save your vehicle from damage. Thus, this notion that a car gets completely damaged when filled with the wrong fuel type is false. What determines the magnitude of the damage is how you respond to this situation.

It is costly to drain the fuel tank

If you think that outsourcing, a mechanic to drain the wrong fuel will cost you a fortune you are wrong. As much as you would wish to save on a few coins, you need to know that failure to correct the mess as fast as possible may cost you dearly. Thus, it is prudent to spend a little more on mechanic rather than waiting for system damage that may be more expensive.

A diesel engine cannot start with petrol

asdszDcAQdwA diesel engine will operate for a short while even after refilling the fuel tank with petrol. This is because the little diesel remaining in the fuel tank mixes with the petrol. If the diesel level drops, the engine fails to operate as usual. As such, it is not true to say that the engine fails to start while the car is fuelled with petrol.

Having distinguished facts and fictions, you now know what is true and what is factious. In case you fill your car with the wrong type of fuel, do not hesitate to call a mechanic from to drain out the fuel.