Are Glass Bongs The Best Choice?

Picture this situation; you have planned to have an amazing smoking experience, and you have even invited your friends. You have bought the best tobacco or other herbs based on your taste. Everything is set, right? Of course, there is something missing; you have not found the right bongs for the occasion! Most people prefer glass bongs because of the following situation.

They are clear so you can see the resin

If you ask any seasoned smoker, they will tell you that the build-up of resin is one of the things that you should always look out for whether you are using a pipe or a bong. The build-up can make the interior surfaces become too sticky. In addition, it changes the taste of your chosen flavor. You can never enjoy smoking in such a situation, and that is why you should choose glass.


Glass bongs are easy to clean after use

Glass does not get stained, and so, you can be sure that cleaning them will be easy. Cleaning is not one of the things that people like especially when they have enjoyed the smoke. You will be baffled to find out that some even prefer to buy a new one altogether, than to clean the dirty ones that were once the best. The dirt comes out without having to work too hard. What is needed is a little amount of grain alcohol although traditional cleaners often work perfectly.

They come in amazing designs

hdhgd67hj4Don’t you just like it when you find a variety of bongs to choose from? It makes the experience more enjoyable even when you are sharing them with friends. You can also set aside a specific one for each occasion depending on how much you smoke at the end of the day, what you want are designs that you can relate to – not those that make you look like a historical character that you do not even like. With glass, the fabricators have the choice to play around with a number of features to make each one of them unique. The designs are different both on the exterior and the interior.

Indeed, glass bongs are in a class of their own. You may want to consider their durability because it is not a good thing to keep buying them over and over again because the ones you get never last. This is a way to enjoy smoking in many different ways.