Skin Care

Have you discovered more and more wrinkles on your skin and been wondering how to treat them? Wrinkles are a clear indication that you are aging, and no one can escape them. They fold in your face, neck, back of hands and tops of forearms.

Wrinkles are commonly caused by

Degeneration of dermal elastic tissue

Sun exposure


Genetic predisposition

Environmental factors like exposing to sunrays

However, there are effective wrinkle treatments that can slow the aging process of the skin.

Effective wrinkle treatments to get rid of those pesky wrinkles

Ginger and honey

fcvbnmhjndfghjGinger and honey work as an excellent anti-wrinkle because they inhibit breakdown of elastin, and they are rich in anti oxidants. Take a pinch of graded ginger and add one tablespoon of honey, mix them well and consume one tablespoon of this mixture every morning. Honey is also known as an antibacterial, plus it slows down aging

Aloe Vera gel

One of the best effective wrinkle treatments is aloe Vera gel. Applying natural aloe vera gel for 12-15 minutes every day will nourish and repair your skin. Apply in the morning and before you sleep to help reduce the small fold in your face/skin.

Coconut oil

The simplest natural way to fight fry skin and help fade wrinkles is to apply coconut oil on your skin every night. Take a hand full of fresh fenugreek(methi) leaves and grind them to make a paste out of it then add coconut oil and spread it on your wrinkled skin then leave it on overnight. In the morning, wash it with warm water. This will help prevent as well as cure the wrinkles and fine lines. You can also apply other natural oils like olive oil.

Some tips to help you prevent and cure wrinkles is by taking good care of your skin especially after the age of 30

tfgvhbjdxrdfghjWhen washing your face, use cold water instead of hot water to help tighten the skin pores. Try to limit your sun exposure as it prevents skin aging; when you expose your skin to the sun ensure you wear sunscreen. Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Take a healthy diet for proper development of your skin cells, plus exercise regularly as it increases circulation of to the skin. You can try facial exercises to help get rid of your wrinkles