Different Models Of Plastic Bags

The synthetic bags applied worldwide on a daily basis, and their application varies across the globe. In some of the developed countries, it has led to the ban of plastic bags and some have restricted the unlimited utilization of the synthetic bags. Plastic bags are always a danger to children especially thin conformable or dry cleaning bags since they can potentially cause suffocation. Inadequate disposal of plastic bags danger to small children. The no take many years to decompose which may result in blockage of drainage system in a particular area. The following are examples of different models of plastic bag;


1. Plastic shopping bags model

kllmmbbvvxzPlastic shopping bags are bags that are open and have the handles for carrying. They are mainly used in stores for packing consumers goods that have been purchased. They are mostly in two categories namely heavy duty reusable and single-use plastic shopping bags. Light weight plastic bags are being phased out of the market due to the fact of litter and environmental concerns.

2. Medical use plastic bag model

Synthetic bags are utilized for various medical purposes. The nonporous quality of the plastic film is useful for isolating body fluids while nonporous bags made from the non-woven synthetics can be cleaned thoroughly by gas and the sterility attained maintained. They are light in weight and are flexible in nature. In this case, also synthetic purses are utilized for the prevention of the loss of water.

3. Waste disposal bags

It is referred to as a bin bag, garbage bag, trash bag or a bin liner. It is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish. These bags are useful to line the inside of waste containers to prevent the inside of the receptacle from being coated in waste material. They are typically in black. They are relatively light in weight and are particularly useful for wet rubbish. These bags are tied with minimal contact with the waste matter.

4. Adjustable big vessel model

kkkklklklklThe adjustable vast container is an industrial container which is made of elastic fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flow able products such as sand or fertilizer. They are relatively heavy. A bulk bag aims to transport one metric ton of material. These plastic bags are made with either one, two or four lifting loops. Emptying is made easier by a special opening in the bottom of the container such as a discharge spout or simply by cutting it open.

Irene Maurer